2005, 2006, 2008 Winner of the British Curry Awards

Maliks Tandoori Restaurant

Maliks Express Kitchen


   01628 520085

Gerrards Cross

   01753 880888


   01628 482180

At Maliks, we cater for all occasions:

Malik warmly welcomes you to experience dining in his restaurant. His aim is to provide the finest food cooked to the highest standards, along with excellent wines, elegant surroundings and a wealth of atmosphere.

Maliks Tandoori is once again the proud winner of Best Restaurant in the 2008 British Curry Awards; the third win since the inception of the award in 2005. These accolades are most evident in the clientele who frequent Maliks Tandoori. Both national and international celebrities from the entertainment and sporting worlds visit often to enjoy Maliks warm hospitality and their favourite dishes!

The original Maliks Tandoori is in the village of Cookham on the beautiful River Thames in the heart of Berkshire. A second restaurant is located in the upmarket and exclusive Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire. Both locations offer the same award-winning menu and warm reception that is the hallmark of the Maliks dining experience.

Maliks is always a popular choice for events, and both restaurants are ideal locations for weddings and parties. The services offered also include a widely varied Take Away Menu.

Malik hopes the memory of your visit will be pleasant and linger with you until you return.

Maliks Express Kitchen

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